The Beef Spectacular Feedlot Trial for 2014 has wrapped up and Angus cattle dominated the trial in all award categories.

Of the 20 places and prizes awarded Angus teams dominated the top end of the table with more than half of the pens of steers being Angus or Angus influenced. Thirteen prizes in total were awarded to Angus teams.

The awards presentation for the 2014 Beef Spectacular Feedlot Trial was hosted by The Land Newspaper on Friday January 31, 2014 at The Mercure in Wagga Wagga. The highly anticipated presentation saw 135 guests attend to hear first hand who would take home the coveted prizes to the value of $25000.

There were seven major awards up for grabs including, Feedlot Performance; Carcase Performance; CAAB Champion Pen; Riverine Champion Pen, Riverine Tendercut Champion Pen and of course, grand Champion Pen and Reserve Champion Pen of Steers.

Within the award for Feedlot Performance Bungleetap Pty Ltd, took out 2nd and 3rd place with Angus Cross teams. Carcase performance saw Angus supremacy with P.M and Co coming 1st with an Angus/Wagyu team, 2nd went to John and Linley Dettmann and 3rd to Mark Kamper both with 100% Angus teams.

CAAB – Certified Australian Angus Beef Champion pen was taken out by John and Linley Dettmann edging out Bungletapp Pty Ltd for third place, both presented 100% Angus teams. John and Linley also won Riverine Premium Champion Pen.

The much anticipated announcement of overall Grand Champion pen of 5 steers was the last award to be announced of the evening, with a 100% Angus team winning, the team presented by John and Linley Dettmann.

The feedlot trial, now in its sixth year is the largest Feedlot Trial in Australia with some 600 head presented, accounting for 120 teams from 175 exhibitors. Teams include 16 breeds and crosses drawn from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

CAAB – Certified Australian Angus Beef extends it warmest congratulations to all entries and we are very proud as the only grain fed  brand owned by Aussie Angus farmers that we truly are producing the best beef.

2014 beef spec feetlot winners

L-R : John Dwyer, The Land Newspaper Linley & John Dettmann; Phil Morley, CAAB; Brett Tindal, The Land Newspaper








Please click on the following link to view winning producer, John Dettman’s interview with CAAB CEO, Phil Morley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4rbYax0V7w

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