Meet Kimberly Wallis – CAAB Quality Assurance Coordinator

Kimberlys’ interest in the agricultural industry was ignited early in life growing up on the family farm in Walbundrie, NSW. Kimberly studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga whilst working for a rural store while completing her Degree.  On completion of her Degree Kimberly worked in animal health and merchandise the Riverina Co-op in Wagga Wagga.

An opportunity was presented to venture to Western Australia with her partner Joe where Kimberly jumped at the chance to experience something new and expand on her knowledge. In Western Australia Kimberly joined The Wellard Group on a short term contract working on Research and Development programs for the company’s farm and within its’ Beaufort River Meats abattoirs. The role provided Kimberly with a diverse and exciting opportunity where she was provided exposure to the processing sector.

With her role at The Wellard Group coming to an end, Kimberly took up a position with the Landmark Wholesale network where she then transferred within Landmark to work in the Southern NSW Wholesale Warehouse Division. It was in these roles that Kimberly enhanced her customer service skills, attention to detail, logistics and problem solving. .

Her work within all areas of this supply chain over the various roles Kimberly has had has given her a natural empathy for the industry, experience and attention to systems detail lending her naturally to the role of Quality Assurance Coordinator with The Certified Angus Group.

Kimberly is passionate about the beef industry and comes into her role as the Quality Assurance Coordinator to reconnect with her love of the beef industry and contribute to an industry she believes in through the provision of support and structure for Angus cattle producers to access Angus exclusive markets.  Kimberly will be responsible for the delivery and maintenance of all Breed Verification Services as well as work with key stakeholders to support the company brands Angus Pure and Certified Australian Angus Beef in the marketplace.

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