Spectacular Angus

The Beef Spectacular Feedlot Trial has turned out fantastic results for Angus breeders yet again in it’s fourth year.

Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB) is proud to be the major Sponsor of the Beef Spectacular Trial run by The Land Newspaper. The trial has just completed its fourth year and goes from strength to strength with some 380 entries in the 2012 induction. The trial is open to all breeds and provides all entrants with comprehensive feedback on their own cattle as well as all other teams in the trial allowing for a benchmarking opportunity second to none.

The awards presentation night recently held at Cache Restaurant and Function Centre in Wagga Wagga on Friday February 1st  could be likened to The Logies for cattle. From the time the guests arrived their was a buzz in the room and everyone was guessing how their teams may have went throughout the trial, with most team nominees having visited the feedlot and viewed their teams after the cattle had been in feed for 80 days.

The trial is open to all breeds, but this year was largely dominated by Angus and Angus cross teams. The first award to be announced was for meeting induction specifications, this year saw 18 teams receive the full 100 points for induction which include meeting weight specifications, treatment requirements and having the correct paper work accompany the cattle and further the paperwork being correctly completed. Amongst the 18 teams there were 9 teams that were Angus or of an Angus cross.

Anticipation was high when it was time for the Carcase awards to be presented, with mutterings from around the room, that included ‘this is the important one’ and ‘this is the one that counts’, referring to the importance of carcase eating quality. The awards for best carcase did not disappoint and saw Angus teams come in first, second and third, including Murrunjai Pastoral Company, Murra Angus followed by Barbara Mawhood respectively.

On the night of nights that was the Beef Spectacular Feedlot trials presentation, John Dettmann excelled and showed all in the room he consistently breeds excellent feedlot cattle. John took out the Certified Australian Angus Beef Champion Pen, with Frank Sorraghan running a close second. John was then able to repeat it to take out the Riverine Premium Champion Pen,  with Murrunjai Pastoral (another Angus team) running second.

Overall, grand and Reserve Champion for the trial in it’s entirety, based on point’s scored overall alone, that is not taking into account  meeting the premium brands specifications, Rosedale Livestock took out the top notch with a Charolais/Angus team on 801.5 points. Reserve champion, 1.5 points of the leaders pace, went to John Dettmann and an Angus team with 800 points. Third overall was Frank Sorraghan with an Angus team on 797 points. Fourth, Manchee Agriculture on 793.5 points and fifth overall John Dettmann’s second Angus team on 784.5 points.

With such close results for the Champion, Reserve Champion and Third place getters, it is confirmation that producers are getting better and better at achieving high quality results from their cattle and feedback simply validates the job they are doing and doing so well.

Certified Australian Angus Beef – CEO Phil Morley made the comment while addressing the gathering that this trial is based on commercial reality, the result represents dollars paid to the growers of quality cattle. Further he noted, that the beef primals from these cattle will find their way into some of the best restaurants in Australia and overseas.

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