The Story of CAAB

Certified Australian Angus Beef tm is a Quality Assured beef product based on Angus genetics, and produced in Australia to exacting specifications.


Originally developed in Scotland in the late 1700’s, Angus have always been bred purely for the production of highest quality beef indicated by the smooth, close-grained texture, carnation red colour and finely marbled fat within the lean muscle. Angus is now the dominant breed in the major beef producing countries of the world where beef quality is considered all-important. In Australia, Angus is continuing this dominance, winning gold medals in various prestigious beef tasting competitions & carcass competitions across all breeds at Australia’s Royal Agricultural Societies Shows.


To ensure CERTIFIED AUSTRALIAN ANGUS BEEF product, brand and trademark integrity, Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd licenses all points in the production chain. Our company licenses and monitors those points carefully to ensure adherence to PACCP requirements and product specifications. All cattle are individually identified and tracked throughout the entire production process to ensure the highest product integrity, enabling information feedback at all points and product traceback. Licensed production points include:

Suppliers (cattle producers)
Portion Controllers
Product Manufacturers
Food Services Outlet

The Certified Australian Angus Beef tm production program covers all aspects of the production of a superior, safe, disease free, marbled, beef meal from producer to consumer. The program guarantees that the consumer will consistently enjoy a safe, healthy, tasty, tender, juicy, and delicious beef meal EVERY TIME they order Certified Australian Angus Beef tm.

Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd is an independently managed company that is wholly owned by Angus Australia. The company owns the Intellectual Property rights to the program, the Trade Marks and Logos, and operates by licensing every sector of the pathway of production of the superior beef meal that is Certified Australian Angus Beef tm.


Certified Australian Angus Beef tm is an internationally unique beef product being:-

1. Based on ANGUS genetics. The Angus breed is one of the few breeds originally developed for beef production only. The consequent finely marbled, firm texture, and even fat cover that are the hallmarks of Angus cattle assure the consumer of a superior beef meal.

2. Based on a program of PRODUCT INTEGRITY . Thereby ensuring consumers of the reliability of the product

3 GRADED by the internationally recognised MSA/ EQA system that not only visually assesses the product, but requires that it passes through a
series of Critical Control Points that GUARANTEE no inferior product is branded as Certified Australian Angus Beef tm.

4 The result of a unique QUALITY ASSURRED production system GUARANTEED to be tasty, tender, and juicy EVERY TIME.

5 From a production system that ensures PRODUCT SAFETY.