Proud Partners


Zoetis Animal Health has a tradition of leading the livestock industry with innovation through investments in research and development, resulting in more advanced and integrated solutions in animal health, performance and customer profitability. The investment in the Animal Genetics business unit reiterates Zoetis’ position as a pioneer in providing new tools for livestock production, and also supports Zoetis’ goal of moving into complementary businesses that support our core business. Our Animal Genetics business places Zoetis at the forefront of livestock gene marker research and development.  It also enhances our ability to offer more complete management and production solutions for customers in beef, dairy and sheep production.  Further, genetic application may one day allow the industry to better predict disease in individual animals,  thus equipping veterinarians and producers with the ability to target medicines to livestock that potentially need it most.  Services offered by Zoetis in animal genomics empower customers with expanded business management tools, and it reinforces Zoetis’ commitment to a safe, sustainable food supply.